In ce limba spun ?

E Craciunul !!

Avem 5 limbi puse la dispozitie , respectiv :
– romana ;
– germana ;
– engleza ;
– italiana ;
– rusa .

Sa incepem :> :
* romana : Craciun Fericit ;
* germana : Frohe Weihnachten ;
* engleza : Merry Christmas ;
* italiana : Buon Natale ;
* rusa : С Рождеством .

Urmeaza si volumul 2 , cand ii va veni randu :))) .

Enjoy holidays 🙂

We dream , we hope , we think , but we stay .

Sometimes we just dream .
We need only a dream to hope .
Sometimes hopeless is all what we have .
We just think a lil’ bit complicated .
Sometimes we must go and not to stay here .
We don’t think that sometimes hopeless can not wait and can not stay here .

[nu-i gata ;d ]

Vin Sarbatorile , vin ;D !

Bucurestiul e in cod galben de ninsoare , asta inseamna ca o sa avem un strat grooooooos de zapada . Ah , ce frumos .
Mi-ar placea sa fie ca in reclama aia de la Orange cand se dau tipul si tipa aia cu sania :> .
Dar 3 zile cu zapada cod galben inseamna ca o sa se depuna , dar si pentru ca au fost numai temperaturi foarteeee mici 😀 !
Ah , daca maine ninge o sa scriu o poveste daca am inspiratie 🙂 .
Ne auzim maine .

He says he loves me all the time , he calls me 50 times a day , he likes to be sure that I’m fine .
Lilly Allen – Not fair

Christmas picture .

Let’s imagine a picture . A beautiful one . In this picture there are white trees , no clouds , a lot of happy children , it’s snowing and everything is perfect . Well , here I am . I am a storm . I must destroy this picture .
Quickly , some clouds came , everything became dark , the children disappeared , the happiness left . Everything became sad .
But , I wasn’t . I have been here all the time . I wanted to know who did it . I screamed and asked „Who did this ?”
There was no answer . But I saw that my scream created a strong wind with a lot of coldness . Afterwords , everything froze . OH , NO !
Suddenly , a blizzard started and everything became slippery , icy .
In that moment I start to hate myself .
I went to our Father and ‘asked’ him : „KILL ME !” and he did it . He killed me . I can’t make sadness anymore , I’m happy now .

Dorinte de Craciun

Dorintele de Craciun sunt diverse ..
Toata lumea isi doreste altceva .
Craciunul reprezinta dorinte si cadouri . Cadouri materiale sau nu , cadouri frumoase sau nu etc ..
Craciunul ar trebui sa aduca bucurie .. ar trebui . Uneori e aiurea cand esti trist de Craciun , dar asta se intampla mai rar .
O sa am si o poveste de Craciun , cat de curand . De fapt , o sa fie doua povesti . Una in engleza si una in romana . Daca nu o sa fie o poveste in seara asta , maine o sa fie sigur 🙂 .
Ochii-n patru !

One day ..

One day , another day , I woke up and said that something was not ok .
I took my laptop . No email yet . I was sad , but something was still not ok .
I saw something at window , a shadow . I was scared .
I didn’t make any move , I was like a furniture .
That shadow moved and came closer . The shadow was in the house !
I saw it better , it was like a bug , with 4 eyes and no mouth . In my mind was :
– It’s good . This thing can not eat me .
I wanted to run , but my legs were one with the floor .
That ugly monster came closer to my face and looked at my face and made an incredibile noise from the inside .
I screamed and quickly he took my voice .
I looked strange at him and he took my eyes .
I was scared . I was like dead .
Then he opened his hide mouth and ..
.. after , something ring . It was my clock . It was 6.00 o’clock .
Pff , that cappucino gave me this nightmare . No more cappucino .. =))

Ciudat .

E ciudat cum oamenii se razgandesc si cum isi iau sau reiau niste masti ciudate care te sperie si care te fac sa te gandesti cine e fals .
E ciudat ca e frig afara si nu ninge . Totusi , e greu sa vezi asa ceva de aici , de sus .
Bun , nu m-am prezentat .. sunt Cloud , mda , ce nume inspirat mi-a dat si Rain asta , Cloud (nor) .. super .. un nor ciudat in forma de inima . La scoala sunt privit cu ura de ceilalti nori care nu pot avea forma mea . Nu-mi pasa .
Urmaresc , in fiecare zi , urmaresc oamenii si incerc sa-i inteleg . Cred ca am un talent ciudat . Pot vedea oamenii falsi , dar nu ma ajuta cu nimic .. nu pot vedea si norii falsi ..
Nu pot vedea norii falsi , care acopera soarele intr-o zi frumoasa si calda , si care nu lasa oamenii sa-si duca la bun sfarsit planurile .
Am si eu un nor dinasta la scoala .. Pare luminos , pare intodeauna deschis si zambitor , pare destept , dar e opusul .
Si sunt foarte enervat de falsitate . Si foarte iritat .
Intr-un fel sau altul , toti avem masti , cand trebuie sau nu , cand vrem sau nu sau cand nu ne pasa . Totusi , e iar ciudat .
Mi-as dori sa am picioare . Asa cum autoarea acestui text isi doreste aripi .
Ma bucur ca nu ma pot uita la televizor , la politica . Autoarea mea nu se bucura . Ceea ce e aiurea , e ciudat ;)) .

Ideea de ciudat vine de oriunde .

Toata lucrurile au frumusetea lor , dar nu toti le vad .